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Jackson Kayak

Kayaks, Paddlers, and Paddling: This is what Jackson Kayak is about. We are a very altruistic/ideal focused group of people with quality, innovation, and “leaving the world a better place” as the core.

Jackson Kayak was born in 2003 with EJ and Tony Lunt as co-founders. We have assembled the best team in the world of people commited to the cause over the past 7 years and are relentless in the pursuit of quality and performance.

We make our plastic kayaks in sparta, and just about every component as well. Each year we become more self-sufficient in our manufacturing.  View them now in the CAVE or online HERE!


Spy Optic

SPY came into being in the early ’90s as the brainchild of a group of over-achieving athletes and design freaks seeking a new perspective through the lens of a lively combination of fashionable and technical eyewear. This crew was as motivated toward creativity and freedom as they were with pushing design conventions and redefining technology, and their efforts were eagerly embraced by the burgeoning world of action, motor and multi-sports. SPY’s founders surfed, snowboarded and skied, and they raced bikes, motorcycles and cars, of course. SPY’s patented anti-fogging Scoop® frame technology was born from this passion for riding. Oleophobic and hydrophobic lens coatings were pioneered out of this same passion, where, with some California-style added in, stylistic form quickly followed unparalleled function. That was almost twenty years ago and those elements are here to stay. Click HERE for our Blog entry



  • “I love my STØLÅS Genoa, true luxury without the extreme high cost” – Len